600mm Krushr Integrated Recycling Compactor

Product Information - K600


Please note: The door panel shown is for illustration purposes only and is not included.  A stainless steel door is optional or your kitchen supplier will be able to supply a door panel for this appliance to match your kitchen units. 

The Krushr 600mm fully integrated compactor is the largest domestic compactor on the market.   Four separate compartments in which to segregate different types of recycling will help to keep your kitchen tidy.   Its hyper crush facility gives you optimum compaction allowing you to refill the compactor several times over thereby reducing the number of trips to the external collection point.    Easy to operate and quiet in operation you will be surprised just how much recycling you can sort, crush and store in one convenient place. 

Requires a 600mm space                                                                                  Krushr Bags available

1 year guarantee included                                                                                       UK Delivery Free

Key Features

  • Absorbs 235 litres of uncrushed recycling
  • Separate compaction facility with storage capacity for over 50 drink cans or food tins
  • Large central compartment for the compaction and storage of plastics, food packaging, card and paper
  • Two additional storage drawers for non-crush items such as glass (stores up to 10 wine bottles)
  • Made in the UK
  • Fully integrated
  • Energy efficient hyper crush mode maintaining compaction force without the use of energy
  • Independently fits a 600mm space requiring no additional housing
  • Average 85% compaction ratio (depending on material type)
  • No servicing required
  • Custom fit bags available to keep your bin clean and ease emptying 
  • Safety features include child protection key lock
  • Stainless steel door optional


Installation and technical information

  • Product dimensions - Height 821mm (881mm maximum height fully extended feet - minimum height 809mm with feet removed) x Width 598mm x Depth 563mm
  • Will sit behind a continuous plinth - Maximum plinth height with legs at full extension 158mm.
  • Height adjustable feet
  • 600kg equivalence ram activating both the metal can crush and compaction crush cycles
  • Power supply: 230-240v / 180W / 50Hz, Plug Type: Standard UK 3 Pin 13A
  • Product Approvals / Conformance: CE; LVD; EMC
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